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Born in 1980, my family was my very first musical influence. Early child memories are made of italo disco, new wave and tecnopop bands and the so-called progressive rock and pop. The first cassettes I remember to be given were soundtracks of 80s anime and Western cartoons. However, my first recollection of a non-kids album I liked was Mike Oldfield’s Crises – quite weird for a 6 years old youngster. That strange combination of pop tunes with ethereal melodies and oniric landscapes carried me away as so Tomita Isao’s electronic rendition of classic masterpiece Arabesque #1 did on TV. Hence a nickname I’ve been using for a decade on the Internet.

Socialising made me a NWOBHM fan before I was even 10, but it was the grunge movement the first I actually pretend to be a part of. By mid 90s, once grunge music was oficially dead after Kurt Cobain had passed away, two things changed my music point of view. First, I researched 70s and 80s music, music genres, bands biographies at the same time I started buying cheap no longer fashionable second-hand 7″ singles and vinyl records. Then, so-called Britpop boom made me realise most of the bands I loved were British – welcome to the indie era. Ever since then, I’ve been opened to any kind of music style. New bands started growing on me as my records collection became bigger. In 2009, I still spend too much money on new albums, singles, second-hand records, collectable items…

Watching live for the first time Depeche Mode at Palau St Jordi when I was 17 was the defining moment for that yet pending issue called ‘gigs’. The list of bands I had wanted to see on stage was huge little by little until I had the chance to make all my efforts to see them. Here’s a non accurate list with most of the gigs and festivals I’ve ever attended: more than 200 so far. Apart from the music, I’ve always loved album cover designers and band photographers. From post-punk heroes like Kevin Cummins or Philippe Carly, to the moody Anton Corbijn, fashionable Nick Knight, classics like Trevor Key… or live artist Xavi Mercadé.

Miratges is my personal attempt to show all those magic moments that happen in a concert. Colours, lights, glances, attitudes, energy… feelings that a lens of a camera captures for ever. Thank you for visiting this photoblog and feel free to leave comments.

Barcelona, May 2009

La càmera ho fa tot

Addendum (I): Why Miratges?

Addendum (II): All time favourite concerts
(in no preferential order; list may vary depending on the day)

  • Radiohead – Makuhari Messe, Tokyo 2004
  • Muse + JJ72 – Bikini, BCN, 2001
  • Soft Cell – Razzmatazz, BCN, 2001
  • Underworld – Electraglide Festival, Tokyo, 2003
  • Depeche Mode – Palais de Bercy, Paris 2006
  • Garbage – Razzmatazz, BCN, 2005
  • OMD – Olympia, Paris, 2007
  • Manic Street Preachers – Wembley Arena, London, 2002
  • New Order + The Cardigans – Summercase Festival, BCN, 2006
  • Portishead, Primavera Sound, BCN, 2008
  • Björk, Ola Festival, El Ejido, 2008

Addendum (III): Most awaited live acts

  • Blur (with Graham Coxon)
  • Kraftwerk (unfortunately, no longer original Ralf & Florian gig will be possible)
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra (or HASYMO)
  • Orbital (fingers crossed for Sònar 2009)